Zim - Organic.

Organic food– better nutrition and less risk caused by harmful substances-which will positively impact your health in many ways.


Organic Farming.

Organically grown plants are nourished naturally, rendering the structural and metabolic integrity of their cellular structure superior to those conventionally grown.


Organic Standards.

Zimbabwe organic standards will be circulating in the public so that the public can add their views and comments.


Lobbying & Advocacy.

There has been a lot of activity in lobbying and advocacy through media coverage.ZOPPA is advocating against the production of GMO foods.


Market Linkages.

We link producers to markets locally, regionally and internationally. Locally ZOPPA is developing a niche market, with selected supermarkets.


Training (PGS).

A local PGS framework for Zimbabwe was developed and an activity report showing the Modus Operandi is now available.Different stakeholders are involved at local regional and national level.

Promoting. Organic Farming.

ZOPPA creates and maintains a network forum for its members. The network connects members together and offers a platform for information sharing. ZOPPA connects the Zimbabwe organic family to the worldwide organic family through international forums such as the International federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). It also maintains a network of local organic producers and promoters. The key functions of ZOPPA Trust are as follows:

  • Lobbing & Advocacy
  • Marketing
  • Organic Standards
  • Training

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